Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Have a Better Name To Suggest?

My dear friend Vincent has written and even edited his book on his and his family's experience whilst with Malayan Railway/KTM/KTMB. I have written about his effort earlier in this blog when I had the honor to proof read his copy.

There is a positive development and high possibility that his book is going to be published. The last time we met, he pondered the idea that the suggested title might not be appropriate enough to interest non-railwaymen and seek ideas from friends for a catchy title.

Here's what Vincent has to say about his book:

I have written a book of life in the Railways. It comes to about 350 odd pages, spread out over 23 chapters. The book's been edited and is ready for publication but so far, no publisher has taken it up. The old adage says that good man is never recognised in his own bvackyard........ I must be that fellow!! So, have decided to self finance it. About $5k for 500 copies. I think I can raise it. But before seeing the printer, I need to sort out the title to the book. I have chosen a very railway sounding title for it: SIGNAL RIGHT, LINE CLEAR. But the opinion is divided. Some say it ought to be something that everyone can relate to. I honestly don't know but would be nice to get some alternate opinions on it. For the purpose of making some comments, I have attached the prologue [basically it sums up the objective and theme to the book], a chapter by chapter summary of the 23 chapters and the cover to the proposed book. Would appreciate it if you all could spare some time and see what you can come up with by way of a title. Comments on the chapter titles too, are welcomed.

Do you have a better title than 'Signal Right - Line Clear'? If you do have something better that would 'sell', please do post them here. Thanks.

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