Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

I am from Penang so the greeting to all my Chinese friends is in Hokien. Anyway, to non-Hokiens friends, Gong Xi Fa Cai. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may you and your family have healthy and prosperous Year of the Ox.

See, I don't need a fatwa to know that I, a Muslim, could greet and wish you on the occassion of your New Year. I know for a fact that for the Chinese, the New Year is a cultural and not a religious festival. Hence, a Chinese not matter what his religion, celebrates this cultural occassion.

I don't see any reason why we need a fatwa for this occassion as done by a blogger who quoted at length various fatwas to justify is greetings. Perhaps he feels a need to write something lenghty for his visitors to show he has done his homework.

President Obama Screwed Up Oath of Office

Well, actually to be fair to Obama it was not him but the Chief Justice who administered the Oath who screwed it up. Those of you who stayed up the night to watch Obama's inauguration might not have noticed anything wrong. One of the reasons most Malaysians missed realising this is because though the Americans have screwed up practically everything since of late, Malaysians still feel that the Americans couldn't do anything wrong. Hollywood have a lot to do with this perception. Hell, even the Americans themselves have an acronym for this type of thing called SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

Anyway, according to reports Obama had to take another oath the next day in the White (Black?) House's basement amid much secrecy attended by only nine people.

Might this be a premonition of things to come?

Monday, January 19, 2009

By Words and Deeds

I am not going into details of the Nazi Israel's contemptible behavior in its latest attempt of genocide against the Palestinians namely the Gazans. These are amply reported in the mainstream media and more in the alternative media, the internet.

Whilst the Muslim leaders merely huff and puff, two non-Muslim leaders showed they could do more. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and President Evo Morales of Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with Nazi Israel and threatened the US of similar action.

At home we see our Government leaders recently bidding welcome to two of the quisling Arab Government representatives that of Egypt and Saudi Arabia and not a single protest by even the oppositions against these two delegations. Talk about complicity.

But fortunately at home we have Tun Mahathir continues speaking his mind and his former Private Secretary Matthias Chang. Matthias latest piece at his website FutureFastForward should put most of our Muslim brothers to shame. His piece at is a must read.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another 9-11 Soon?

USA needs nuclear explosion to turn the world into dictatorship
23.12.2008 Source: Pravda.Ru URL: usa_change-0
Justify Full
Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? What may trigger another major transformation in 2009? The answer is obvious: another 9/11 in the USA.

Terrible and bloody events are in store for the world in the beginning of 2009. Most likely, the world will witness a reality show with a nuclear blast, which will be used as a reason for the US administration to change the world order again and leave the new Great Depression behind. There is every reason to believe that the Russian Federation may suffer as a result of this possible initiative too.

Joe Biden made a sensational statement on October 19, 2008. He said that Barack Obama would have to undergo an ordeal during the first six months of his stay in the White House. It will be the time of a very serious international crisis, when Obama would have to make tough and possibly unpopular decisions both in home and foreign politics.

Biden said that there were four or five scenarios for the development of the international crisis. Afghanistan, North Korea or the Russian Federation may become the source of one of them.

When Obama learned of Biden’s speech, he tried to explain everything with rhetorical exaggerations. However, Biden’s remarks gave food for thought, taking into consideration the fact that former secretary of state Madeleine Albright described his remarks as statement of fact.

Apparently, the political elite in the United States is certain that their nation would soon suffer another mammoth terrorist act. This assumption became the subject of Michel Chossudovsky’s article “A Second 9/11„: An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine.”

The independent analysts presented a selection of statements, which US top officials released during the recent several years. For example, Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Secretary, said at Yale April 7, 2008 that modern technologies let even a small terrorist group kill hundreds of thousands of people. Dick Cheney stated May 26, 2008: “Nobody can guarantee that we won’t be hit again.”

The general public has been prepared for a possible mega terrorist act with hundreds of thousands of victims. The expectation of another major terrorist attack, Chossudovsky wrote, became a part of the US military doctrine to justify possible preemptive strikes, i.e. aggression. The analyst also wrote that the US administration was aiming the efforts of the national security services at the liquidation of the consequences of the Massive Casualty Producing Event. Moreover, the US establishment believes that such an event may unite the Americans. Tommy Franks, the then CENTCOM commander voiced this idea in 2003. He particularly said that another event with many casualties in the USA would revive the support of wartime laws. Franks also said that such an event would mark the end of democracy in America. To put it in a nutshell, it would mark the beginning of the era of dictatorship.

The US administration planned Operation Northwoods in 1962, in which the US incursion into Cuba was supposed to be justified with a massive massacre of the Miami-based Cubans, as well as the explosion of a US warship in Guantanamo Bay. President Kennedy did not let the operation become a reality. The logic of Northwoods does not differ much from that of General Franks - a new mega terrorist act will justify the beginning of USA’s new aggression in the Middle East.

The Pentagon started to develop the plan of the new war in April 2006 – the third war after the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stew Bykovsky, a well-known columnist, said in his interview in August 2007 that America needed another 9/11 because the country had forgotten who its enemy was.

Which weapon would make it possible to conduct a major terrorist attack with countless casualties and produce the effect of universal panic? A nuclear weapon would suit this goal best. It would not be a hardship to say that a nuclear explosion was conducted by Islamic terrorists who stole nukes from Russia in the beginning of the 1990s. A nuclear mushroom grows somewhere in the USA and the country launches another war and introduces dictatorship.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Servant & Master

Olmert Brags About Embarrassing Rice at Gaza UN Vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Demanded Bush Halt Lecture to Stop Gaza Truce Vote

Posted January 12, 2009

Taking a short break from lashing out at the international media for reporting the growing civilian death toll in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke in detail about the events leading up to the US abstention from the United Nations Security Council’s vote on the Gaza Strip ceasefire.

“Early Friday morning the secretary of state was considering bringing the cease-fire resolution to a UNSC vote and we didn’t want her to vote for it.” Olmert said. “I said ‘get President Bush on the phone.’ They tried and told me he was in the middle of a lecture in Philadelphia. I said ‘I’m not interested, I need to speak to him now.’ He got down from the podium, went out and took the phone call.”

A beaming Olmert then described telling President Bush “the US cannot possibly vote in favor of this resolution,” and spoke with pride of how embarrassed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was at having to abstain from voting for a resolution she helped to organize and gather support for.

The US abstention shocked diplomats, and made it easier for Israel to dismiss the ceasefire out of hand. At the time of the vote Rice declared that the United States supported the draft but could not vote for it because of their “special relationship” with Israel. Just days later Rice too was lashing out at the resolution as “unacceptable.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boycott American Products - What About Another Israel's Supporter Near Home?

The latest Israel's incursion into Palestine's Gaza and still ongoing has killed nearly 900 Palestinians half of which are women and children including babies.  Protests are held practically every day all over the world irrespective of ideology, race, culture or religion even in Israel itself.

That is except one place, Singapore.

Malaysians among other people in other countries are calling for the boycott of Israeli and American products and are already putting this call into action.  Calling for the boycott of American products are relevant as not only are the American Government unabashly pro-Israel, some manufacturers of American products contributed financially and politically to the state of Israel.

But even here in Malaysia we are silent of the role played and continue to play by our next door neighbour vis a vis Israel.  Is is public knowledge that Singapore is linked militarilly and economically if not politically with the zionist state.  The creation of the SAF was with the help of the Israelis and becuase of this Singapore enjoys special previledges with Israel's godfather, the United States of America.  Singapore's military relationship with Israel is extended to co-operation in R&D and manufacture of military products now being used to kill innocent people in Gaza.

Singapore is also a member of the 'coalition of the willing' in America's illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Question: Are Singapore Air Force pilots gaining combat experience bombing and straffing Gazans in the ongoing holacaust?

Question: Why are we not boycotting Singapore's products and protesting against them? 

America's Shame (If they do have any left)

America’s Shame 

By Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 8, 2009.

Why does Israel have a right to exist, but Palestine doesn’t? 

This is the question of our time. 

For sixty years Israelis have been stealing Palestine from Palestinians. There are maps available on the Internet and in Israeli publications showing the shrinkage over time of what was once Palestine into what Palestine is today--a small number of unconnected ghettos or bantustans. 

Palestine became “the occupied territory” from which Palestinians were ejected and Israeli settlements built for “settlers.” Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are full of refugee camps in which Palestinians driven off their lands by Israeli force have been living for decades. 

Driving people off their land is strictly illegal under international law, but Israel has been getting away with it for decades. 

Gaza is a concentration camp of 1.5 million Palestinians who were driven from their homes and villages and collected in the Gaza Ghetto. 

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency was created 60 years ago in 
1949 to administer refugee camps for Palestinians driven from their lands by Israel. As of 2002, the registered Palestinian refugee population was 3.9 million. 

Caterpillar Tractor makes a special bulldozer for Israel that is designed to knock down Palestinian homes and to uproot their orchards. In 2003 an American protester, Rachel Corrie, stood in front of one of these Caterpillars and was run over and crushed.

Nothing happened. The Israelis can kill whomever they want whenever they want. 

They have been doing so for 60 years, and they show no sign of stopping. 

Currently they are murdering women and children in the ghetto that they have created for Palestinians in Gaza. The entire world knows this. The Red Cross protests it. But the Israelis brazenly claim that they are killing “Hamas terrorists who are a threat to Israel’s existence.” 

The American media knows that this is a lie, but does not say so. 

Israel has been able to slowly exterminate a people for sixty years without provoking sufficient outrage to stop it. 

The United States, “Christian America,” has been Israel’s greatest enabler in its long-term murder of the Palestinian people. Millions of “evangelical Christians” endorse Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 

The rest of the world condemns the Israeli military attack on the Gaza Ghetto. Last week the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution requiring a ceasefire and the withdrawal of the Israeli SS from Gaza. 

The United States abstained. 

While the rest of the world condemns Israel’s inhumanity, the US Congress--I should say the US Knesset--rushed to endorse the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza. 

The US Senate endorsed Israel’s massacre of Palestinians with a vote of 100-0. 

The US House of Representatives voted 430-5 to endorse Israel’s massacre of Palestinians. 

The resolutions endorsed by 100% of the US Senate and 99% of the House were written by AIPAC, as were the speeches praising Israel for its inhumanity. 

The US Congress was proud to show that it is Israel’s puppet even when it comes to murdering women and children. 

The President of the United States was proud to block effective action by the UN Security Council by ordering the Secretary of State to abstain. 

Be a Proud American. Swagger and strut. Pretend that you are not besmirched by the shame that your government has heaped upon you. Take refuge in your ignorance, fostered by 60 years of Israeli lies, that the murder of Palestinians and the theft of their lands is “Israel’s right of self-defense.”

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Economy - What to do?

Long time ago when we were you, we were encourage to save (we have a post office savings book and we saved with stamps) and we were encouraged to be thrifty.

Now, they want us to spend to spur the economy. According to them (the Government, the businessmen, the financial analysts, etc) if people don't spend the economy will be stagnant.

This is what is happening to a country that spends like there's no tomorrow.

“Once I was in Victoria, and I saw a very large house. They told me it was a bank and that the white men place their money there to be taken care of, and that by and by they got it back with interest. “We are Indians and we have no such bank; but when we have plenty of money or blankets, we give them away to other chiefs and people, and by and by they return them with interest, and our hearts feel good. Our way of giving is our bank.”

Chief Maquinna, Nootka

If all the good jobs leave, how come there’s this persistent idea that the U.S. is a global financial player? Because it is — for the Billionaires.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Images of Dec 17 Gathering

Received copies of photos of the 17th gathering from Kak Kam today. So, as promised here they are. I am trying to embed the video here too. Once I know how, you'll to view the video.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Brave People of Gaza Remembered.

Five days into the New Year and already 560 dead Gazans. 60% of the dead and wounded are children (most reports put the figure at 25%). Even the UN is impotent to stop the atrocities of its bastard child. The UNSC is unable to come up with even a statement due to objection by Israel's satellite state, the USA.

To quote Bush and the Whitehouse's spokeperson is to give ligitimacy to these sorry excuse of a human being so I will not give them that honour.

None better to describe the attitude and character of the Israelis than a Jew himself. So I'm posting this article by Gilad Atzmon which best describe them.

Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land

By Gilad Atzmon

January 04, 2009 Communicating with Israelis may leave one bewildered. Even now when the Israeli Air Force is practicing murder in broad daylight of hundreds of civilians, elderly persons, women and children, the Israeli people manage to convince themselves that they are the real victims in this violent saga.

Those who are familiar intimately with Israeli people realise that they are completely uninformed about the roots of the conflict that dominates their lives. Rather often Israelis manage to come up with some bizarre arguments that may make a lot of sense within the Israeli discourse, yet make no sense whatsoever outside of the Jewish street. Such an argument goes as follows: ‘those Palestinians, why do they insist upon living on our land (Israel), why can’t they just settle in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon or any other Arab country?’ Another Hebraic pearl of wisdom sounds like this: ‘what is wrong with these Palestinians? We gave them water, electricity, education and all they do is try to throw us to the sea’.

Astonishingly enough, the Israelis even within the so-called ‘left’ and even the educated ‘left’ fail to understand who the Palestinians are, where they come from and what they stand for. They fail to grasp that for the Palestinians, Palestine is home. Miraculously, the Israelis manage to fail to grasp that Israel had been erected at the expense of the Palestinian people, on Palestinian land, on Palestinian villages, towns, fields and orchards. The Israelis do not realise that Palestinians in Gaza and in refugee camps in the region are actually dispossessed people from Ber Shive, Yafo, Tel Kabir, Shekh Munis, Lod, Haifa, Jerusalem and many more towns and villages. If you wonder how come the Israelis don’t know their history, the answer is pretty simple, they have never been told. The circumstances that led to the Israeli Palestinian conflict are well hidden within their culture. Traces of pre-1948 Palestinian civilisation on the land had been wiped out. Not only the Nakba, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians, is not part of the Israeli curriculum, it is not even mentioned or discussed in any Israeli official or academic forum.

In the very centre of almost every Israeli town one can a find a 1948 memorial statue displaying a very bizarre, almost abstract, pipe work. The plumbing feature is called Davidka and it is actually a 1948 Israeli mortar cannon. Interestingly enough, the Davidka was an extremely ineffective weapon. Its shells wouldn’t reach more than 300 meters and would cause very limited damage. Though the Davidika would cause just minimal harm, it produced a lot of noise. According to the Israeli official historical narrative, the Arabs i.e., Palestinians, simply ran away for their lives once they heard the Davidka from afar. According to the Israeli narrative, the Jews i.e., ‘new Israelis’ did a bit of fireworks and the ‘Arab cowards’ just ran off like idiots. In the Israeli official narrative there is no mention of the many orchestrated massacres conducted by the young IDF and the paramilitary units that preceded it. There is no mention also of the racist laws that stop Palestinians[1][1] from returning to their homes and lands.

The meaning of the above is pretty simple. Israelis are totally unfamiliar with the Palestinian cause. Hence, they can only interpret the Palestinian struggle as a murderous irrational lunacy. Within the Israeli Judeo- centric solipsistic universe, the Israeli is an innocent victim and the Palestinian is no less than a savage murderer.

This grave situation that leaves the Israeli in the dark regarding his past demolishes any possibility of future reconciliation. Since the Israeli lacks the minimal comprehension of the conflict, he cannot contemplate any possible resolution except extermination or cleansing of the ‘enemy’. All the Israeli is entitled to know are various phantasmic narratives of Jewish suffering. Palestinian pain is completely foreign to his ears. ‘Palestinian right of return’ sounds to him like an amusing idea. Even the most advanced ‘Israeli humanists’ are not ready to share the land with its indigenous inhabitants. This doesn’t leave the Palestinians with many options but to liberate themselves against all odds. Clearly, there is no partner for peace on the Israel side.

This week we all learned more about the ballistic capability of Hamas. Evidently, Hamas was rather restrained with Israel for more than a long while. It refrained from escalating the conflict to the whole of southern Israel. It occurred to me that the barrages of Qassams that have been landing sporadically on Sderot and Ashkelon were actually nothing but a message from the imprisoned Palestinians. First it was a message to the stolen land, homes fields and orchards: ‘Our beloved soil, we didn’t forget, we are still here fighting for you, sooner rather than later, we will come back, we will start again where we had stopped’. But it was also a clear message to the Israelis. ‘You out there, in Sderot, Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Haifa, whether you realise it or not, you are actually living on our stolen land. You better start to pack because your time is running out, you have exhausted our patience. We, the Palestinian people, have nothing to lose anymore’.

Let’s face it, realistically the situation in Israel is rather grave. Two years ago it was Hezbollah rockets that pounded northern Israel. This week the Hamas proved beyond doubt that it is capable of serving the South of Israel with some cocktail of ballistic vengeance. Both in the case of the Hezbollah and the case of the Hamas, Israel was left with no military answer. It can no doubt kill civilians but it fails to stop the rocket barrage. The IDF lacks the means of protecting Israel unless covering Israel with a solid concrete roof is a viable solution. At the end of the day, they might be planning just that (link).

But this is far from the end of the story. In fact it is just the beginning. Every Middle East expert knows that Hamas can seize control of the West Bank within hours. In fact, PA and Fatah control in the West Bank is maintained by the IDF. Once Hamas takes the West Bank, the biggest Israeli population centre will be left to the mercy of Hamas. For those who fail to see, this would be the end of Jewish Israel. It may happen later today, it may happen in three months or in five years, it isn’t matter of ‘if’ but rather matter of ‘when’. By that time, the whole of Israel will be within firing range of Hamas and Hezbollah, Israeli society will collapse, its economy will be ruined. The price of a detached villa in Northern Tel Aviv would equal a shed in Kiryat Shmone or Sderot. By the time a single rocket hits Tel Aviv, the Zionist dream will be over.

The IDF generals know it, the Israeli leaders know it. This is why they stepped up the war against the Palestinian into extermination. The Israelis do not plan upon invading Gaza. They have lost nothing there. All they want is to finish the Nakba. They drop bombs on Palestinians in order to wipe them out. They want the Palestinians out of the region. It is obviously not going to work, Palestinians will stay. Not only they will they stay, their day of return to their land is coming closer as Israel has been exploiting its deadliest tactics.

This is exactly where Israeli escapism comes into play. Israel has passed the ‘point of no return’. Its doomed fate is deeply engraved in each bomb it drops on Palestinian civilians. There is nothing Israel can do to save itself. There is no exit strategy. It can’t negotiate its way out because neither the Israelis nor their leadership understand the elementary parameters involved in the conflict. Israel lacks the military power to conclude the battle. It may manage to kill Palestinian grassroots leaders, it has been doing it for years, yet Palestinian resistance and persistence is growing fierce rather than weakening. As an IDF intelligence general predicted already at the first Intifada. ‘In order to win, all Palestinians have to do is to survive’. They survive and they are indeed winning.

Israeli leaders understand it all. Israel has already tried everything, unilateral withdrawal, starvation and now extermination. It thought to evade the demographic danger by shrinking into an intimate cosy Jewish ghetto. Nothing worked. It is Palestinian persistence in the shape of Hamas politics that defines the future of the region.

All that is left to Israelis is to cling to their blindness and escapism to evade their devastating grave fate that has become immanent already. All along their way down, the Israelis will sing their familiar various victim anthems. Being imbued in a self-centred supremacist reality, they will be utterly involved in their own pain yet completely blind to the pain they inflict on others. Uniquely enough, the Israelis are operating as a unified collective when dropping bombs on others, yet, once being slightly hurt, they all manage to become monads of vulnerable innocence. It is this discrepancy between the self-image and the way they are seen by the rest of us which turns the Israeli into a monstrous exterminator. It is this discrepancy that stops Israelis from grasping their own history, it is that discrepancy that stops them from comprehending the repeated numerous attempts to destroy their State. It is that discrepancy that stops Israelis from understanding the meaning of the Shoah so can they prevent the next one. It is this discrepancy that stops Israelis from being part of humanity.

Once again Jews will have to wander into an unknown fate. To a certain extent, I myself have started my journey a while ago.

Ex-Rail Gathering On December 17, 2008

We had our Protem Committee meeting at Dato' Zin's office evening of the 17th December. So the association is going to be known as Persatuan Bekas Kakitangan KTM or Ex-Railwayman's Association (Ex-Rail for short). We have finalised the draft of the by-laws and planned to submit them to the ROS by January 2009.

The same night we had another gathering of friends this time sponsored by Masri & Kamsiah. The food at Restoran Cerana in Cheras was excellent. There was even a one-man band and two beautiful singers to entertain us and the other customers. Bakri's wife Raftah was gracious to sing a few songs and then 'Mike' Ali Jantan had to take to the stage.

I told the gathering about the proposed association and asked those present to inform their friends.

I will post the photographs of the gathering once I receive them from Kamsiah.

Again, mucho gracias to both Masri & Kamsiah.