Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boycott American Products - What About Another Israel's Supporter Near Home?

The latest Israel's incursion into Palestine's Gaza and still ongoing has killed nearly 900 Palestinians half of which are women and children including babies.  Protests are held practically every day all over the world irrespective of ideology, race, culture or religion even in Israel itself.

That is except one place, Singapore.

Malaysians among other people in other countries are calling for the boycott of Israeli and American products and are already putting this call into action.  Calling for the boycott of American products are relevant as not only are the American Government unabashly pro-Israel, some manufacturers of American products contributed financially and politically to the state of Israel.

But even here in Malaysia we are silent of the role played and continue to play by our next door neighbour vis a vis Israel.  Is is public knowledge that Singapore is linked militarilly and economically if not politically with the zionist state.  The creation of the SAF was with the help of the Israelis and becuase of this Singapore enjoys special previledges with Israel's godfather, the United States of America.  Singapore's military relationship with Israel is extended to co-operation in R&D and manufacture of military products now being used to kill innocent people in Gaza.

Singapore is also a member of the 'coalition of the willing' in America's illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Question: Are Singapore Air Force pilots gaining combat experience bombing and straffing Gazans in the ongoing holacaust?

Question: Why are we not boycotting Singapore's products and protesting against them? 

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