Monday, January 5, 2009

Ex-Rail Gathering On December 17, 2008

We had our Protem Committee meeting at Dato' Zin's office evening of the 17th December. So the association is going to be known as Persatuan Bekas Kakitangan KTM or Ex-Railwayman's Association (Ex-Rail for short). We have finalised the draft of the by-laws and planned to submit them to the ROS by January 2009.

The same night we had another gathering of friends this time sponsored by Masri & Kamsiah. The food at Restoran Cerana in Cheras was excellent. There was even a one-man band and two beautiful singers to entertain us and the other customers. Bakri's wife Raftah was gracious to sing a few songs and then 'Mike' Ali Jantan had to take to the stage.

I told the gathering about the proposed association and asked those present to inform their friends.

I will post the photographs of the gathering once I receive them from Kamsiah.

Again, mucho gracias to both Masri & Kamsiah.

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