Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's Happening In Perak - Nothing Special.

Friends kept asking me on the going-on in Perak.

I'm apolitical, never have and never will join any political party. Come voting time, I've always voted for whom I felt was good looking and sincere looking than the other.

To me all politicians are the same not only in Malaysia but the world over. Look at Mr. Barack 'Change' Obama. What he promised and what he intends to deliver after winning are two different things. Just look at our politicians. The word 'politics' is a combination of 'poly' meaning many in Greek and 'ticks' i.e. the tiny critters found in our hair. So politicians are people in constant itch either itching to get rich or itching for someone else's wife/husband/drivers/PA's, etc.

So, back to Perak and the shenanigans being played by all and sundry. A friend at a meeting today asked me the same question as if I am a party to any of the 'in' people involved. Might be he thought that being a veteran, I should be politically savvy.

Since he was waiting for a reply from me, I told him to read what had happened to Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. These countries have been and continue to be in constant chaos and upheaval because somebody have an agenda. I do not see any different to what is happening here.

Someone far away is pulling the string and some of us here are jumping.

Who? You do the math.

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