Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Sincere Advice To Americans from A Native.

This is a MUST READ for everyone with a sense of humor. When I came came across this letter I nearly burst my sides from laughing. I have taken the liberty of re-typing if for clarity without changing even a dot.

Have a fun time.

Dear Americans,

How are you? We haven't talked in awhile. ...Sooooo, I hear you're living in tent cities now. (Excuse me while I attempt to suppress my uncontrolled laughter.) Okey...I'm better now. I just - nope, here it comes again! (Sorry, just be a moment.) Okay...okay...really. I just wanted to say we're very sorry to hear you're living in tents it must be awful. We also heard you're broke, having health care problems, and drinking a lot of alcohol. ...(Sorry, more laughter.) It's really a pity that your steal-and-pollute system collapsed. It seemed so flawless.

Anyway, I think we Native Americans might be able to help you out. If you want to stop by the reservation, we'll show you how to make fire! (Damn it, laughing uncontrollable again! One second...) Okay. No, we honestly think we may have an answer for your problems. We heard that your economy is really bad, and you are really hard up for cash. Well, we have the perfect way for you to grab some cash and get your economy rolling again! The answer is - Our fine CASINOS!

Listen folks, at the Native American casinos, everyone's a WINNER. I seriously recommend you check it out. I mean, you guys played roulette with the entire economy of the United States - what's a few thousand more dollars?? Come on down. You can set up your tent out front. Oh God - here's the laughter coming bank AGAIN!!


Chief Laughing At White Man In Tent.

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