Sunday, October 26, 2008

Forming Ex-KTM Veteran's Association

During the last gathering, there was suggestion that we former railwaymen form an association.

I contacted a few people to get the ball rolling and we had our first meeting to discuss this and to form a pro-tem committee. Dato' Zin was gracious to offer to host this meeting at his house and still being in the month of Syawal, an Eid'l Fitr gathering too.

We appointed Dato' Zin (his house, his food) as the meeting Chairman. Pak Wan, Ahmad Rahimi (Bang Cik), Jabar and yours truly were there. Ismail Harun (Mike) had another meeting he coulnd't leave. Mustapha (Pak Mus) was in JB. Mahalingam had to take his wife out for last minute Deepavali shopping. Kamsiah (Kak Kam) and Masri couldn't make it for some reason.

So it was decided to for a pro-tem committee to register the association. We haven't decided on the name yet. Jabar mentioned there was an earlier attempt to form one by Baharuddin and Rahmat but it did not go anywhere. There is also an allumni club of engineering people led by Hj. Mazlan (not sure if this has been registered).

The pro-tem committee consists of Dato' Zin (President), Jabardin (Secretary), Ahmad Rahimi, Wan Yahya, Mustapha, Kamsiah, Ismail Harun, Mahalingam, Masri and I.

We planned to meet again next November 8th at Dato' Zin's office.

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