Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Deepavali, Mamak.

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends and their families especially to you Mamak.

When Mamak called me a few days before Deepavali inviting me to his house, I was planning to be away and told him of my plan.

His son Ganesh called me and told me that his father would be very happy to see his old friends again and that Jabar would be coming. He wondered whether I too could make it.

I called Mus, Pak Wan and Ivan if they would be available to visit Mamak. Both Mus and Ivan are already committed. Couldn't contact Cheong Fook and Sim. Pak Wan said OK so I picked him up together with Jabar.

Mamak was really happy to see us and after all the hugging and patting, we sat down for some 'serious' story telling. His son Siva took a few snaps of us and a group photo with his digital Nikon. Glad he is into photograpy just like me.

Jabar brought along an old framed photo of Mamak with a group of former KTM Sports Committee members and handed over to Mamak accompanied by a short speach and pantuns.

Mamak, we expect you at the next gathering and Siva has agreed to drive you over.

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