Friday, October 17, 2008

The Question Malaysians Are Asking.

The lost 'Fuck-A-V' Tribe

For the forth time (not everything comes in threes), he came across the same tree he had first marked earlier. He knew now he was lost in this unfamiliar jungle. He slumped down with his back against the tree and patted his wet brow with his bandanna. He had no food and a near empty canteen. "I'm fucked!" he exclaimed aloud.

He must have dosed off when he suddenly woke up hearing some kind of faraway humming and coming closer by the minute. Grabbing his rifle, he eased himself behind the tree for cover and slowly took a peek to see what was coming his way.

It was human voices he was hearing in some kind of a chant. It sounded like..werdefokawee..werdeforawee..werdafokawee..repeated over and over. He had not come across this language among the natives the whole of his time in this country.

Could this be the lost tribe he had heard stories about?

As the 'thing' came closer and closer and the chanting got louder and louder, he braved himself to leave the protection of the tree. All he could see was the rustling of the five-foot tall grass from where the chanting came.

Then, there emerged from the bush a group of four-foot tall pygmies walking in a single file, totally naked black people, the blackest he had ever seen.

Finally, the chants became words he could understand. They were chanting over and over "Where the fuck are we?".

At last, he had found the lost tribe.

This anecdote was told by 'Taiping' EL Looi

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