Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Tiff Over, Now To Get Down To Business.

I understand the tussle between the Chairman and some members of KTMB's Board with Abdul Radzak Abd Malek, the newly appointed MD, is over. The Chairman has resigned but not sure about the few members of like mind.

What was the reason for them not to accept Radzak's appointment? After all, Radzak until his retirement was a Railwayman (capital R) and his last post was General Manager Freight Division and had done a damn good job if you ask me. The Landbridge service was his brainchild. If the Chairman's refusal of a former railwayman to head the organisation is his paronia of railwayman, then it's right he should resign.

Anyway, why bring in some outsider when a Railwayman is capable of heading it? What's so special about the outsider? Enough already - give the man a chance.

KTMB is undergoing a massive development worth billions and therefore needs someone like Radzak to oversee this program. Radzak is not new to this as he had been involved in the double-tracking and electrification of the Port Kelang - Rawang - Seremban project in the '80s.
He is also unorthodox in his approach to thing and is not afraid to take risk and stepping of toes. Perhaps, this was why his appointment was objected to.

For what it's worth, Radzak has my support and that of veteran Railwaymen like me and talking to some of the serving railwaymen, theirs too.

Let's "get Malaysians into Training".

Group photo taken at Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Training Center, USA in 1982. Radzak is second from left.

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