Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gathering The Flock - Sheeps They Are Not.

Agag lama juga kumpulan veteran Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) tidak mengadakan perjumpaan. yang akhir sekali di adakan pertengahan 2007.

You would think meeting among penshioners would be easy to arrange. After all, other than looking after their grandchildren or pottering around the gardens, they would be going back to sleep after finishing reading the morning newspapers. Not so. They are busier now than when they were working. Now it's picking up wife from surau/club/dance practice/etc. Or picking up the grandchildren from tuition class. Sending and picking up grandchildren from tuition classes? Ni bukan kerja mak-bapak depa kah?

Actually (Dato' Zin's favorite word), I suspected they have problem getting the 'line clear' from the wife. Kalau dulu waktu kerja nak keluar rumah wife tak tanya sebab tau kerja keretapi memang tak tentu masa, siang malam 24/7. Sekarang dah susahlah nak tembak.

Every now and then I get a call asking when is the next gathering. They are under the impression that there a secretariat full staff to plan and make arrangement. You try setting a date and a few will come up with an alternate. You set the venue and you get another suggestion for a different one somewhere near their vicinity.

Long ago when planning the first gathering, I decided to let them order what they want and everybody pay for what they ordered. This way I avoided all those special meals for daibetes, high-blood pressure, constipation and numerous other old people's illness. Minum pun nak air suam.

Finally, there's the cost! Heloooo, my friend! Simpanlah duit sikit-sikit dari duit pensyen tu. Kalau simpan sebulan 10 ringgit, tiga bula sekali kita jumpa dan ada 30 ringgit untuk bayar makanan sendirilah. La ni bukan ada orang nak sponsor. Sponsor orang pencen depa dapat apa?

Pak Mus tu nak class saja. Dia ingat orang lain macam dia..loaded. Jabar pula hingga nak discount saja. Dia ingat macam buat tour, dapat 10 orang 1 orang free.

So far, yang tak banyak buat ragam cuma Ivan. Thanks, friend.

I will write on the recent gathering once I receive the photographs from Tan Kim Seng.


trueblue said...

Oooi.... sedap je komen orang.Tapi tak per. At least now we have an avenue to communicate. On difficulties of gang members to join the gathering, I think most of them have lost their priorities just like they were used to.Just like it is said - familiarity breeds contempt.As they aged this could get worst.Some are still asking "what happen" when the world is beset with crisis.Well, to those likeminded I personally feel that this gathering is of utmost important and come rain or tsunami I "WILL" be there. Unless of course I perish.

BravoTango said...

trueblue, thanks for the support. Hope support from like-minded friends such as you, we could still contribute to the railway community and the nation as a whole.